DOST-SEI e-card
  1. E-card

  2. The "I'm a DOST-SEI Scholar" e-card has combined functions of a DOST-SEI scholars ID and a Landbank of the Philippines (LBP) ATM.

    • This serves as your identification card (ID) as DOST-SEI scholar which bears your Scholarship Program Administration System (SPAS) ID Number.
    • This also serves as your Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card which you use to access the financial benefits due you while enjoying the DOST-SEI Scholarship. This means you can withdraw anytime anywhere nationwide through the Expressnet.
    • This may also be used as payment card in stores accepting electronic payments (EPS) provided it has sufficient funds to cover the purchases.
    • You may also use your e-card for electronic payment system, phone banking and Internet banking provided it has sufficient funds. For details visit or inquire at the LBP branch nearest to you.


    • You cannot use your e-card as a credit card.
    • You are responsible for the proper use, care, safekeeping and security of your e-card.

  3. The Personal Identification Number (PIN)

  4. Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a computer generated number provided by LBP which will be given to you in a SEALED PIN MAILER Form together with your e-card. MEMORIZE YOUR PIN because this is your security code for your e-card.


    • Keep your PIN private and confidential. You should not disclose, give or make available your PIN to any person under any circumstances.
    • You must take all the necessary precautions to avoid unauthorized use of your e-card.

    If you wish to change your computer generated PIN, you can do this at any LBP ATM only. In case you forgot your PIN, visit LBP-Bicutan branch to request for a new PIN.

    Procedure of Changing your PIN using the ATM:

    • Choose "Other Transactions" in the main menu of the ATM.
    • Choose "PIN CHANGE."
    • Do the next instruction "Please enter your 4 digits new PIN." REMEMBER that your PIN is only a 4-digit number.
    • Press "Enter."
    • The machine will again ask for your new PIN for confirmation. Then press "Enter."
    • Wait for a few seconds and the monitor will display "Transaction has been completed." This means that your computer generated PIN has been changed. If you want to continue your transaction, press "YES"; if no, press "NO."
    • If you choose "No", make sure that you get your e-card from the ATM before leaving.

  5. The Average Daily Maintaining Balance

  6. There is NO required average daily maintaining balance; however, you are encouraged to have certain amount left in your account, even below one hundred pesos to keep it an active account.

    If your account has zero balance for more than 90 days or 3 months, the system will automatically close your account.

    If you renew a closed account, you shall pay the fee to be charged based on the prevailing price at the time of your request.


    • Your e-card is a "SAVINGS ACCOUNT" type.
    • When withdrawing, get your money within 5 seconds because the machine will get back the dispensed money.
    • Your card has no expiration date, however, DOST-SEI will close your account once your scholarship is terminated.
    • Promptly inform DOST-SEI in writing on any change/s relating to your personal information that will affect the data indicated in the enrollment form submitted to LBP through DOST-SEI.
    • After graduation, you may continue to maintain your e-card account with LBP provided the required ATM balances are still maintained and subject to the existing terms and conditions of the regular LBP ATM account.
    • You are charged a transaction fee (prevailing rate) for every transaction you make with other bank's ATMs. There is NO transaction fee with LBP branches ATMs.
    • Over the counter withdrawal is allowed provided you present a valid ID.
    • All LBP existing rules and regulations, banking policies, and circulars not indicated in this Handbook shall apply.

  7. Lost, Stolen, Damaged E-card and Replacement

  8. Lost or stolen e-card must be reported immediately at LBP Bicutan Branch (DOST-SEI Scholarships branch of account) or call HOTLINE Number 405-7000 to block it off and avoid unauthorized use of the card.

    The initial cost of your e-card is free of charge; however, if your e-card is lost, stolen or damaged, you shall be charged P250.00 to replace it or the prevailing price at the time of your request.

    In case of a defective e-card, LBP will replace the card free of charge upon surrender by the e-cardholder within 30 calendar days from receipt of the card.

    Replacement Procedure

    • Request in writing addressed to DOST-SEI Director for the replacement of lost or stolen or damaged e-card.
    • DOST-SEI Director will approve and endorse the request to LBP Bicutan Branch.
    • LBP-Bicutan Branch Account Head will authenticate based on existing records with LBP.
    • Scholar must fill-out the following required forms:
      • Advice on Lost/Stolen Card;
      • Affidavit for Lost e-Card (for notarization by the client); and
      • Request for Replacement of the e-card and pay the replacement fee (P250.00) to the teller or prevailing rate whichever is higher.

    Dormancy Period and Balance

    The account becomes dormant if it is inactive for 2 years and shall be subject to service charge of P100.00 per month.

  9. The DOs and DON'Ts of Card Handling

    • Do treat your ATM card as a very important personal document.
    • Do keep your card in a protective case.
    • Do protect your card from static electricity.
    • Do use a soft moist cloth to immediately remove any dirt on your card.

    The DON'Ts of Card Handling

    • Do not write your Personal Identification Number (PIN or secret number) on your card or keep it near your card.
    • Do not give your PIN to any person.
    • Do not give your card to any person.
    • Do not place your card near a magnet.
    • Do not allow the magnetic stripe of your e-card to touch the stripe of another card.
    • Do not expose your card to static electricity.
    • Do not expose your card to extremes of hot and cold.
    • Do not place your card unprotected in your pocket. Keys, coins, etc. can scratch the magnetic stripe on your card.
    • Do not use your card as a scraper. This can cause scratch or break your card.
    • Do not bend, roll or fold your card.
    • Do not punch hole, write on or stick anything on your card.

  10. Reasons Why ATM Cards Are Captured

    • Entered three (3) invalid/wrong PINs. (It is suggested not to make a third try after 2 invalid/wrong PINs because the machine will capture your card on the third entry of invalid number).
    • Card with invalid sequence number (replacement card was already produced).
    • Card tagged as lost/stolen.
    • Machine malfunction.

    Where To report Captured Card

    • LBP Branch where the card was captured
    • Any bank where the card was captured*
    • Client's Branch of Account
    • LBP ATM Monitoring Unit

    When and Where To Claim A Captured Card

    ATM Location of Card
    When to Claim
    Where to Claim

    ATM of Client's Branch of Account

    After 10:00 A.M. the following bank day

    Client's Branch of Account

    ATM of other LBP Branch
    (inter-branch captured card)

    After three (3) banking days

    Client's Branch of Account

    *ATM of other Expressnet member bank (inter-bank captured card)

    Card will be perforated and will not be returned to the client.
    Client will request for a replacement of the e-Card on his/her branch of account. (Replacement fee - P250.00)

  11. The ATM Services
  12. First, check to see whether the ATM is 'on line' or in service.

    A. Account Balance

    If you want to know if your stipends have been released or simply, how much money you have in your account:

    • Insert your ATM card into the slot for it.
    • Key-in your PIN.
    • Press the button of the type of language you want the transaction to be done in: ENGLISH, TAGALOG OR TAGLISH.
    • If you chose English, press ACCOUNT BALANCE.
    • Choose whether you want the transaction to be WITH RECEIPT or WITHOUT RECEIPT and press the proper button.
    • You can view on the screen your account balance.
    • A receipt will come out from the receipt slot if you opted for WITH RECEIPT.
    • Retrieve your ATM card.

    B. Withdrawals

    • Do Steps 1-3 (indicated in A).
    • Press WITHDRAWAL.
    • Choose the type of account: SAVINGS or CURRENT ACCOUNT.
    • Key-in the amount you wish to withdraw and press ENTER.
    • Confirm the amount by keying-in the same amount and press ENTER.
    • Choose whether transaction should be WITH RECEIPT OR WITHOUT.
    • If everything is in order, you will be advised that the TRANSACTION IS BEING PROCESSED.
    • Get your money (and receipt) from the proper slots.
    • Retrieve your ATM card.

    C. Deposits

    You may deposit personal money to your account. The proper way to do it is:

    • Fill-out the information on the Deposit Envelop and insert your money in it.
    • Do Steps 1-3 as in A.
    • Press DEPOSIT.
    • Choose the type of account: SAVINGS or CURRENT ACCOUNT.
    • Key-in the amount you wish to deposit and press ENTER.
    • Confirm the amount by keying-in the same amount and press ENTER.
    • Choose whether transaction should be WITH RECEIPT or WITHOUT.
    • Insert the deposit envelop in the proper slot.
    • Get your receipt.
    • Retrieve your ATM card.

    Note: Preferably, you opt to have a receipt for every transaction you make so you can keep track of the transfers of money in your account.

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