Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Other Tips
  • Why are the other scholars getting their stipends but mine is still unavailable?
  • Check if you have submitted the required documents/reports to DOST-SEI/RO/UCG/UC at the start of the semester and/or whether these have been received. If not, send another copy.

  • Math 17 is too difficult for me. I am afraid of getting a 5.0 and losing my scholarship. What can I do?
  • First, ask yourself if you have studied hard and exerted your best efforts on the subject. Attend tutorial sessions. If none is available, you may request one to be organized by the UCG/UC or scholars' association.

    If you are enrolled in UP, there are Learning Resource Centers in the campus that provide tutorials in addition to self-learning modules, selected books and educational CD-ROMs.

  • I wish to join an organization. Will this be in the way of my scholarship and studies?
  • Joining an organization is a personal decision. There are advantages as well as disadvantages. Before deciding to join, you must ask yourself whether you can handle your studies and your responsibilities in the organization without jeopardizing your studies and consequently, your scholarship.

  • I am a freshman RA 7687 scholar taking up BS Physics. At the end of the first semester, I found out that I am no longer inclined to it. Can I shift to another S&T course?
  • Yes, you can shift to other priority courses under the RA 7687 Scholarship Program. If you have decided on a non-Physics course, you will have to pay back the difference in the stipend.

    Please see the scholarship policy and requirements on course shifting.

  • I am a Merit scholar at UP enrolled in BS ECE. I want to pursue the same course but my family is moving to Cebu City. Can I transfer to the University of San Carlos (USC) in Cebu City?
  • Yes, you can. The ECE course at USC is among the priority courses under the Merit Scholarship Program. What you have to do is seek admission at USC for the said course and at the same time, write a letter to DOST-SEI requesting for approval of the transfer. If both are approved, you must comply with the transfer requirements of the school you are leaving and that of USC.

  • I am an RA 7687 scholar enrolled in BS Computer Science in a Metro Manila school. I am finding it hard to meet my expenses despite the financial assistance I get from my scholarship. I want to go back to my home province and enroll there. Will I be allowed?
  • Yes, provided you will enroll in BS Computer Science or any of the DOST priority courses under RA 7687 S&T Scholarship Program in a DOST-SEI identified school.

  • Next semester, I plan to enroll in a non-DOST priority course. What happens to my scholarship?
  • If you shift from a DOST priority course to a non-DOST priority course while still under the scholarship, it will be considered willful abandonment of the scholarship. Hence, you will be required to refund the total financial assistance released to you plus 12% interest.

  • My teacher gave me a grade of 4.0. Will I lose my scholarship?
  • No. You may appeal for the continuation of your scholarship. If your appeal is meritorious, your scholarship will be put on a suspended status and consequently, your scholarship privileges will be placed on hold. This means that you will have to pay your tuition fees in the succeeding semester and will not receive any of the allowances.

    For your scholarship to be reinstated, you must pass the same subject and all the other academic subjects you enrolled in the following semester and comply with the average requirement. All your benefits will be restored effective the date of suspension. Make sure you keep your Official Receipt for the school fees because you have to submit it for said fees to be reimbursed.

    If the sanction is SUSPENSION, give your best effort to pass all subjects including the subject where you incurred the failing mark in the succeeding semester.

    If it is a TERMINATION, then you lose your scholarship forever. Do not lose hope though. You can consider this a learning experience and correct your mistakes and do better in the future. Good luck in your future endeavors!

  • I am a continuing scholar. I got a notice from the Registrar that my tuition fee has not been paid. What should I do?
  • Inquire with the Registrar if you were included in the Bill of Matriculation submitted to DOST-SEI/RO/UCG/UC. If not, request the Registrar to bill DOST-SEI/RO/UCG/UC for school fees not to exceed P6,000.00 per semester/term.

  • Submit promptly clear, legible photocopy of the required reports. Present the original copy of the same for verification. The cause of delay in the release of allowances is usually the late or non-submission of these requirements.
  • Keep a file of all the documents pertaining to your scholarship including the reports that you submit.
  • When you submit a report, make sure that you have a second copy wherein an acknowledgement of its receipt can be noted by the receiving party with the following information - his/her name and phone number. If you mail the report, make sure it is a registered mail and keep your receipt.
  • Follow up the release of your financial assistance only after you have checked your bank account and you are sure you have submitted all the requirements.
  • Follow-ups should be done with courtesy. Please give your name, year of award, scholarship program, course and school when you introduce yourself.
  • When you go to DOST-SEI for any transaction according your scholarship, please wear the appropriate attire and observe the proper office decorum.
  • Have a goal. Aim for the highest that you can attain.
  • Give your best effort. You belong to the top 5% of the youth in your batch and thus, your potentials to succeed are great. The talent is there, nurture and enhance it and you can only be heading for the top!

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