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Science & Technology Learning Assistance Program (STLAP)

DOST-SEI wants you to succeed in your academics as well as ensure your holistic growth as a person. The Science and Technology Learning Assistance Program (STLAP) is a year-round program designed to:

  • Help you assess and enhance your intellectual potentials and Psycho-Social skills;
  • Equip you with coping skills needed in college study; and
  • Inculcate in you time-honored values such as social responsibility, leadership, academic excellence and personal integrity.

STLAP includes activities such as:

  1. Summer Orientation and Enrichment Program (SOEP)
  2. The Summer Orientation and Enrichment Program (SOEP) is a month-long program for incoming RA 7687 freshman scholars. It is conducted every May from Monday to Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M..

    It has 2 main components, namely:

    • Refresher Courses in English, Math and Computer Education
    • Study Management Seminar-Workshops: Coping with College Life, Stress Management, Time Management/Priority Setting, Study Improvement Skills and Learning Styles

  3. Self-Assessment Inventory

  4. Seminar-Workshops on Special Topics (e.g. Leadership, Psycho-Social Development, Job-Hunting Strategies, Entrepreneurship etc.)

  5. Group Dynamics Sessions (e.g. Values Clarification)

  6. Tutorial Classes

  7. If you are having difficulties in understanding a subject, you can inquire from the Office of Academic or Student Affairs regarding tutorial classes. Scholars' associations will be mobilized to conduct tutorial sessions for scholars.

  8. Summer Practical Training Program (SPTP)
  9. To enrich your practical experience along your field of specialization, you must undergo practical training. Below are guidelines of the program.

    a. If you are a Junior or a Senior scholar in good academic standing, you are required to undergo practical training. If you have any academic deficiency, you will be allowed to do so only if the deficiency is cleared by the end of the second semester prior to the training period.

    b. You shall undergo training for a minimum period of six (6) weeks within the months of April and May equivalent to 240 hours.

    c. Training shall be along your field of specialization. It may be with a government agency or a private company. DOST-SEI shall provide you with a maximum of three (3) referral letters upon request.

    d. You may train in an agency/company located in Metro Manila, in the region where you are temporarily residing, or in your home region.

    e. If you have to travel from residence/place of study to the place of training (in another province), DOST-SEI shall reimburse your one economy round trip actual transportation fare upon submission of original tickets. You should arrange your own accommodation. You may download the Transportation Reimbursement Form here.

    f. You must inform DOST-SEI/DOST-Regional Office (DOST-RO) regarding your definite plans for the SPTP and submit to DOST-SEI/DOST-RO the complete name and address of your training agency/company and the name and official designation of your training supervisor at the start of the training.

    g. Your training agency/company shall designate a training supervisor to:

    • Design a program of activities for your training (a copy of which is to be submitted to DOST-SEI/DOST-RO at the start of your training and you should retain a copy for your guidance);
    • Orient you regarding office rules and regulations;
    • Assign duties and responsibilities or discuss the output expected of you at the end of the training;
    • Assist you if problems and difficulties arise from the training;
    • Sign your Daily Time Record (DTR); and
    • Evaluate your performance.

    h. The training agency/company may execute a training agreement and liability waiver with you, if deemed necessary.

    i. You must submit the following documents to DOST-SEI/DOST-RO at the end of your training:

    • Two copies of DTR duly signed by your supervisor
    • Your supervisor's evaluation of your performance
    • Your own evaluation of your training

    j. Stipends will be provided after you have submitted the above-mentioned documents. If you have completed the 240 hours training period, you will be released 2 months stipend. However, if below the required training period, a corresponding deduction to your stipend will be made.

    k. If your training agency/company provides allowance, you may receive it as additional support. Giving of training allowance by training agency/company is, however, not obligatory.

    l. You must follow the official time of the training agency/company. In case where flexible time is allowed, a certification duly issued by your training supervisor must be submitted to DOST-SEI/DOST-RO.

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